Monday, February 20, 2012

Tyler's Travels and lots of firsts!

Tyler has been on the move (literally and figuratively!) and has experienced lots of firsts. In sorta chronological order . . . .

We attended the World Ag Expo (or Farm Show as it's known to its friends) is the worlds largest agriculture exposition in the world. You can see almost anything you would ever want or need to run a farm or ranch. Mostly is a way for farmers to kick back, hang out, and grab a beer with each other. The rest of us (non- ranchers) walk around and enjoy the sites. The place is huge!!
 I MEANT to take a picture of Tyler next to one of  the huge truck tires so I could take pictures of him as he got older and see his growth. In reality- the only pictures I took were of the inside of of a RV! Whoops, maybe next year!
Yeah- it's that big!

Here's Tyler's newest infatuation. I sat him on the ground next to her and he started rolling! Until then, he had only rolled belly to back twice (about two months ago!). I guess he just didn't have anything worth rolling towards!


He's also working hard on sitting up himself. He likes to be able to look around and see what's going on.

Just to keep his options open, Tyler also REALLY likes this curly haired cutie. Seriously- have you ever seen better hair? She just happens to be the older sister of Tyler's other love (above).

We also went to Tyler's first golf tournament, which included Tyler's first trip to Chowchilla. It was a beautiful day and we even snagged a trophy or two! Unfortunately it was just for a photo op. Check out my stealth photography skills (yeah- that's my shadow- whoops)

When I was on my crazy-pregnancy-induced-hormone-rollercoster, I would watch videos of babies laughing. There is just something about watching the pure joy of babies and makes everything right in the world. Here's my first attempt of getting Tyler's laugh on film. Enjoy!

As much as people (err Grandpa and Dad) want him to be into sports, this is what Tyler could be found doing most of the Superbowl. Maybe in a couple years guys.

Here's the first official video of Tyler rolling over from back to belly. Totally not interesting unless you are a new parent.

We spent President's Day weekend at my parents and managed to take Tyler to see the ocean for the first time. He didn't make it to the sand because we were in Morro Bay, we will have to save that first for later this year when its a little warmer!

Doesn't he look thrilled to be wrapped in a blanket and wearing a hat?!

A rare family photo!


Manuel suggested I take a picture because I'm the one whose always behind the camera! It looks sunny, but trust me- it was cold!

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