Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A for effort, F for completion


Pinterest has so many cute (and easy looking!) craft ideas that it makes me want to try them all. I even went out and bought the stuff for a bunch of them. How many have I actually finished? Next to zero. No, actually it is zero. There might be one, but I can't think of it off the top of my head. The only crafty thing I have finished is a certain for my bathroom with fabric that I bought for a different project (toy box below), but it ended up not being enough.

What do I want to finish you ask?

Well, first I would love to finish the diaper-box-turned-toy-box project that has been sitting in my living room for MONTHS. Such a cute idea, but involves ironing and sewing that I just haven't had the time. Sigh

Pinned Image

I also have all the components to make a super cute Easter wreath out of tissue paper. Will it get done before Easter? Maybe Easter 2013. Wouldn't that be so cute in Easter pastels? I'll let you know if I ever finish it.

Not Pinterest related but I also started crocheting a blanket for Tyler before he was born. The blanket it about 4 inches wide so far :(. It's a nice quiet activity that I can do when Tyler sleeps, but I usually try to use that time for other activities- like eating and showering.

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