Sunday, July 8, 2012

Independence Day!

For whatever reason, Kerman celebrates Independence Day on July 3rd with a fireworks show at the high school and then residents light their own fireworks on both the 3rd and the 4th. We were worried about Tyler being up past his bedtime with all the noise and bright lights, but he did great!!

We barbecued kabobs and they were amazing! Manuel got a little creative with the fillers (grapes, watermelon, cantaloupe)- which turned out to be inedible. The meat was still good!!

Little Mister had watermelon for the first time and LOVED it. Cantaloupe was also a big hit. He is getting much better about picking up food and feeding himself.

Spencer hates loud noises and fireworks, so spend the evening in the house. I was about to get some doggy downers from the vet so he wouldn't be so freaked out. 

Family Portrait. One handed style. Even Ninja cat got in the action.

We didn't leave hamburgers out of the holiday completely- we had hamburger cake for dessert!!

I can't help it if I think my baby is the cutest.

Michael and Ari just back from Hawaii. Lucky kids.

Look Ma! I'm up WAY past my bedtime!!

This actually looks like we had illegal fireworks. We didn't. Promise.

We also swam in the pool, but apparently I didn't get any pictures of us in the water!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Picture Update

Yeah- things have been slow and fast all at the same time around here.

Here's what we have been up to.

I left Tyler for the first time EVER (for over an hour) to go wine tasting for Devon's bachelorette party. We had a blast and Tyler had a great time at Michael's baseball game. (Possible TMI) I didn't bring my pump so I was VERY happy to see Tyler at the end of the day!! Now I know what the cows and goats at the fair feel like!!

A fun time was had by all =)

Andy adopted a dog from the pound. His name is Forrest. He was named after Forrest Gump. Yes, he can run really fast.

Somewhere along the time Tyler turned 7 and 8 months old. He's at such a fun age right now. I am eating up every minute.

Devon and George got married May 19th. It was one of the nicest weddings I have ever attended. The ceremony was held under a beautiful oak tree at a country club in Modesto. It was a beautiful day to get married! Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Santos!

The Photo Booth was a big hit. So much fun.

Doing my Matron of Honor duties and giving my speech. It was short and sweet and I may or may not have come up with it minutes before being handed the microphone.

Tyler LOVED the attention he got from the flower girls. We may be in trouble when he gets older! (That's Travis looking positively bored in the background!)

The girls before the ceremony!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Meet the fam

We share our house with numerous critters. Some welcome, some not. I just want to be able to remember the animals we had when Tyler was a baby. Enjoy getting to know our furry friends.

As mentions in previous posts, Spencer is the world's coolest Rat Terrier/Border Collie/ McNab mix. A little OCD over tennis balls? Perhaps. Every time I see a tri-colored dog I think it looks like Spencer. It doesn't matter if it is long-haired or short-haired, big or small, they all look like Spencer. It drives Manuel nuts. 

I have had George since he was a tiny baby and I was in college. Yeah, he's old. Actually he's *only* 10 years old which isn't that old in cat years. He's fluffy and his hair is like cotton candy and gets everywhere- but we love him. He's the only cat who doesn't go outside a million times a night and leave dead "offerings" by the back door. Thanks George

Prince decided to go on vacation for two months right before Tyler was born. I was crazy hormonal and thought he had been eaten by a dog or run over by a car or something. We still are not sure exactly what happened to him, but he came home thin, covered in fleas, and very hungry after two months of being away! He doesn't go much farther than the yard now.

 Ninja Cat
Ninja was found at the Chowchilla High School Farm in May 2010. He was tiny and screaming so I brought him home and for the next 3 (?) months we bottle fed him. He's crazy and has convinced Prince to join his insane ways.

It was super hard to find pictures of all the animals. Funny how that happens after you have a baby.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Overdue Update

I remember when I was little I really wanted a diary. I was super good about writing in it at first, my thoughts and whatever else came into my nine year old mind. And then I didn't write anymore. I'm super jealous of those people who have volumes of their old journals and such. I am not one of those people.

Here is a conglomeration of pictures and video of the cutest 7 month old on the plant

Tyler is really into making faces these days. I love getting to see his adorable personality!

He recently discovered his feet. Yum

Look Ma- No Hand!! Crazy cell phone pictures

Somebody is having a great time in the pack and play. (That's his foot that you are seeing!)

This should be in every bathroom- EVERYWHERE! So handy! Even Moms have to pee sometimes. (This one is in Buy Buy Baby)

Tyler went to a first birthday party recently. It was co-ed! He enjoyed the bounce house/slide (spectator mostly!)

We had to run up to Modesto to pick up a bridesmaid dress for Devon's wedding. Tyler loved looking at himself in the big mirror!

We went to the Los Banos spring fair. I didn't take a single picture while we were there, but this is what Tyler did for almost two hours after we got home! (And he slept for about 45 minutes on the ride home) I love long nap days.

Friday, March 23, 2012

A boy and his dog

In true Bowlin style, Tyler LOVES animals. The dog, Spencer, is his favorite. If you have never had the great pleasure of meeting the world's best dog- he is an almost nine year old Rat Terrier/Border Collie/McNab mix that looks like a Basenji or Kelpie (if you follow dog breeds). I got him when I was in college and he has pretty much been my shadow since then. He defiantly has a special place in my heart for me- and the feeling is mutual. He's a little OCD and has a weird breathing problem, but you gotta love him.

Since Tyler has been about four months old, Spencer has been a constant entertainer. All he has to do is walk into the room and Tyler lights up. He could be having a huge crying meltdown and then turn all smiles at the sight of the dog. Our newest game is sit on the floor and throw a tennis ball for Spencer. They both love it. I can only imagine how they will be when Tyler can play with him when he's older. Good stuff. This is what memories are made of!