Sunday, July 8, 2012

Independence Day!

For whatever reason, Kerman celebrates Independence Day on July 3rd with a fireworks show at the high school and then residents light their own fireworks on both the 3rd and the 4th. We were worried about Tyler being up past his bedtime with all the noise and bright lights, but he did great!!

We barbecued kabobs and they were amazing! Manuel got a little creative with the fillers (grapes, watermelon, cantaloupe)- which turned out to be inedible. The meat was still good!!

Little Mister had watermelon for the first time and LOVED it. Cantaloupe was also a big hit. He is getting much better about picking up food and feeding himself.

Spencer hates loud noises and fireworks, so spend the evening in the house. I was about to get some doggy downers from the vet so he wouldn't be so freaked out. 

Family Portrait. One handed style. Even Ninja cat got in the action.

We didn't leave hamburgers out of the holiday completely- we had hamburger cake for dessert!!

I can't help it if I think my baby is the cutest.

Michael and Ari just back from Hawaii. Lucky kids.

Look Ma! I'm up WAY past my bedtime!!

This actually looks like we had illegal fireworks. We didn't. Promise.

We also swam in the pool, but apparently I didn't get any pictures of us in the water!

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