Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Picture Update

Yeah- things have been slow and fast all at the same time around here.

Here's what we have been up to.

I left Tyler for the first time EVER (for over an hour) to go wine tasting for Devon's bachelorette party. We had a blast and Tyler had a great time at Michael's baseball game. (Possible TMI) I didn't bring my pump so I was VERY happy to see Tyler at the end of the day!! Now I know what the cows and goats at the fair feel like!!

A fun time was had by all =)

Andy adopted a dog from the pound. His name is Forrest. He was named after Forrest Gump. Yes, he can run really fast.

Somewhere along the time Tyler turned 7 and 8 months old. He's at such a fun age right now. I am eating up every minute.

Devon and George got married May 19th. It was one of the nicest weddings I have ever attended. The ceremony was held under a beautiful oak tree at a country club in Modesto. It was a beautiful day to get married! Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Santos!

The Photo Booth was a big hit. So much fun.

Doing my Matron of Honor duties and giving my speech. It was short and sweet and I may or may not have come up with it minutes before being handed the microphone.

Tyler LOVED the attention he got from the flower girls. We may be in trouble when he gets older! (That's Travis looking positively bored in the background!)

The girls before the ceremony!

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