Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Meet the fam

We share our house with numerous critters. Some welcome, some not. I just want to be able to remember the animals we had when Tyler was a baby. Enjoy getting to know our furry friends.

As mentions in previous posts, Spencer is the world's coolest Rat Terrier/Border Collie/ McNab mix. A little OCD over tennis balls? Perhaps. Every time I see a tri-colored dog I think it looks like Spencer. It doesn't matter if it is long-haired or short-haired, big or small, they all look like Spencer. It drives Manuel nuts. 

I have had George since he was a tiny baby and I was in college. Yeah, he's old. Actually he's *only* 10 years old which isn't that old in cat years. He's fluffy and his hair is like cotton candy and gets everywhere- but we love him. He's the only cat who doesn't go outside a million times a night and leave dead "offerings" by the back door. Thanks George

Prince decided to go on vacation for two months right before Tyler was born. I was crazy hormonal and thought he had been eaten by a dog or run over by a car or something. We still are not sure exactly what happened to him, but he came home thin, covered in fleas, and very hungry after two months of being away! He doesn't go much farther than the yard now.

 Ninja Cat
Ninja was found at the Chowchilla High School Farm in May 2010. He was tiny and screaming so I brought him home and for the next 3 (?) months we bottle fed him. He's crazy and has convinced Prince to join his insane ways.

It was super hard to find pictures of all the animals. Funny how that happens after you have a baby.

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