Monday, January 23, 2012

Four Months Old

My little man turned 4 months old yesterday. I usually try to get a cute picture of him laughing or giggling on his month birthday, but I didn't get the chance to yesterday! Here's some cute pictures of him anyway!!

We attended a fundraiser dinner for the Fresno City Baseball Team. It was a quasi formal affair with dinner, dancing, and a silent auction. We were originally told "no kids", but there was nothing on the ticket that said so. As a baby, Tyler gets an exemption anyway. As we walked in, I heard two old men say "This is not something I would want to bring a baby to". Since Tyler won't take a bottle, we had no choice but to bring him. I don't really care what old men have to say about my baby anyway! He had a great time! He loved looked at all the people and the music. We got home far after his usual bedtime but he was still in a good mood!

This is a picture from the next morning . . .  everyone was tired! He napped while holding onto my arm. His chubby little hands get me every time.

Tyler's newest talent is sticking out his tongue!! Yesterday he figured out how to stick it out the side of his mouth =)

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