Sunday, January 8, 2012

Gender Confusion

Tyler is 3 1/2 months old. He, like most babies his age,  he looks pretty unisex when naked. Which is why most moms of little girls dress their kids in frillies with pink and boys get trucks and such. It has come to my attention that maybe I am not doing a good enough job broadcasting to the world that my son is indeed, a boy.

Thursday I had the privilege of having lunch with a couple of friends from college after getting measured (oh so fun) for one friend's wedding. We were having lunch when someone said "what a cute girl". I smiled and kinda laughed it off, both friends were quick to correct her and we went on with our meal. He was wearing a white onesie with dinosaurs on it and brown pants.

Fast forward to Saturday. An elderly man stopped me and said what I cute baby and then asked if the blue dinosaurs he was wearing was for a boy or a girl. Seriously??? Blue. Dinosaurs. Does he need a sign that says he is a card carrying boy? Maybe I should dress him in all pink and see what happens.

I made a post on facebook about this to see what my other parent friends had to say. Most agreed that people just don't pay attention to determine the sex of babies. I think if I couldn't tell. I most certainly wouldn't ask the parents. What happened to the days of politely asking "How old is your baby?" or "What is your baby's name?" both could lead to determination of said babies gender. Maybe I am getting my panties in a bunch over nothing. Probably.

Another possible explanation is Tyler has REALLY long eyelashes. Like he could model baby mascara or something. He gets it from his dad. I will be interesting to see what happens the next time he wears an outfit with dinosaurs in it.

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