Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tyler's Birthstory

** Disclaimer** I am indeed married to Tyler's father. When you see him referred to as "Tyler's dad" it's because he doesn't want his name used on the blog.

I wrote the events of Tyler's birth shortly after he was born. I thought I was going to be able to save it, but no such luck. So I am going to try to remember what happened almost four months ago with accuracy (we will see how it goes!)

Thanks to a little gem called gestational diabetes I had a scheduled induction for 6 pm Wednesday September 21. Tyler's original due date was September 30th. We had a fairly warm summer (who am I kidding- its always hot in the valley in the summer!) so I am anxiously awaiting the 21st.

I was very worried about my first baby, Spencer (the dog) so it was nice to have a concrete date set so I knew when to have someone look after him. My mom came over to watch Spencer and the cats so we could proceed to the hospital without worry.

We had dinner at Luna's Pizzeria in Clovis. I figured I was going to need my energy for labor so I didn't feel the slightest bit guilty about eating carbs. I was instructed to call at 5pm to make sure there was a bed available for me. For whatever reason, just calling the hospital made it all seem real.

We got to the hospital just before six and proceeded to make our way to the admission area. The hospital was under construction so there was no main entrance. We walked in the outpatient entrance and around a bunch of corners and hallways before figuring out where we needed to go. They even gave us a map! The admissions guy was funny, joking with us and making us feel more comfortable. You could tell he was used to dealing with crazy pregnant people!

We took the elevator up to the labor and delivery floor. I was put in a room at the end of the hallway, from what I remember from my hospital tour was bigger than the rooms on either side of the hallway. My nurse, Irene, was cute and young, but extremely knowledgeable, which made me feel at ease. The original plan was to give me cervadil in the evening and start pitocin 12 hours later. Irene determined that I was already 3 cm dilated and contracting every 2-3 minutes. I couldn't feel a thing! She checked with my Dr. and it was determined to go ahead and start the pitocin and skip the cervadil. The started the pitocin drip and upped the dosage every 30 minutes until I could feel the contractions. To my surprise it was at least an hour or so before I felt anything at all. I have never been one to think I had a high tolerance for pain for I was pretty surprised. I had to ask Tyler's dad to look at the contraction monitor to confirm that I was indeed having a contraction when I finally started to feel something. Out of a possible 16 (the highest pitocin dose) I was at a 9. I'm not sure how much time passed before I really started to feel them and ask for an epidural- an hour maybe?? Irene had said I could have an epidural at anytime because I was already at three centimeters, but warned if I wanted one and the anesthesiologist was in surgery, it would take an hour before he could get to me. I didn't hesitate to jump at the first chance to get out of pain. The Dr. was AMAZING. I think the whole thing lasted maybe 10 minutes. I have been in more pain at the dentist. I remember watching Seinfeld and napping after the epidural. Irene checked me again after I was out of pain and determined I was five centimeters. Progress! I took and nap and took it easy after that. Hospitals are not for the tired however. They check for blood pressure often, like every hour or so. Then Tyler would move away from the monitor and they would have to reposition it. Tyler's dad is a pretty light sleeper so I don't think he got any rest.

Sometime around 2am, I started to feel pain/pressure. I thought I wasn't supposed to feel anything!! We called for the nurse and she checked me again and said I was at a 9! Somehow I went from 5-9 centimeters in just about an hour! So so glad for the epidural!

Irene called my Dr and said I could try to push. And push I did. For over an hour. NOTHING happened. I pushed some more. Still no progress.

Finally just before 4 am my Dr arrived. She confirmed what Irene had suspected. My pelvis wasn't big enough to get the baby out. I was tired of pushing and exhausted in general so we decided to go ahead and do a c-section.

The actual surgery was pretty uneventful.I threw up from the anesthesia, which sucked, but I didn't feel any pain for pressure. Tyler's dad had to sit in a chair next to me, but couldn't see anything going on. Tyler's head was stuck in my pelvis and they had to try pretty hard to get him unstuck. My body was moving around the table, but still no pain.

Finally they got him out and cleaned him up before they showed him to me. I wish I would have been able to do skin to skin with him, but that just wasn't in the cards. Tyler's dad walked him the nursery where they weighed him, bathed him, and warmed him up.

Tyler Anthony arrived September 22 at 4:28 in the morning.

Two hours later I was transferred to my room,  and only then was I allowed to hold my son. I was pretty high on pain killers so my memory of this is a bit fuzzy- I'm glad Tyler's dad was there and we have pictures.

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