Wednesday, January 11, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things . . .

I can't read the title without singing it in my head!

Among all the baby gear we have for Tyler, there is really only a few things that gets used everyday. The rest of the stuff is just nice to have . . .

Our Circo Pack n Play probably gets the most use out of all the baby junk we have. Tyler LOVES to look at the animals on the mobile. This model also plays music, vibrates, and has a light. We only use the music portion. It's so handy to be able to put him down and know he's safe and somewhat entertained. It came with a changing table thing, but you can't have the mobile and changing table attached at the same time so it never gets used.

I originally registered for the Fisher Price Bunny swing, but when we didn't get it for our baby shower, we went to the store to get it. When I saw the lamb swing I just had to have it. It was $5 less than the bunny swing, so I thought I was getting the best of both worlds. Wrong. The lamb swing only operates on batteries where as the bunny swing will plug into the wall. Fail. Batteries or not- Tyler loves this thing (he's actually in it right now). He did go through a phase where he didn't care for it, but it's back on his love list. I love it because he falls asleep in it rather quickly!

This is the Nojo Farm Babies Mobile. We have the entire bedding set, lamp, and mobile. The only thing that really gets used is the mobile. Its crank operated, and I'm pretty sure we broke it by cranking it too hard. Tyler would watch the animals go around all day if we let him. I just wish it lasted a little longer.

I thought the Nap Nanny was going to be the end all to our sleep problems. I was wrong, but it's still handy to have. It's basically a piece of foam covered in fabric. The incline is 30 degrees which is supposed to be optimum for babies. Tyler won't sleep in his, but I put him in it in the mornings while I eat breakfast. He likes it because he can look around, without being flat on his back. For whatever reason the incline also helps him poop! You can almost guarantee that he will poop within the next ten minutes after you put him in it!

The Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Jumperoo is the newest tool in our baby arsenal. Tyler is just old enough and almost tall enough (we improvise with books) to be able to use this toy to it's full potential. Right now, his favorite toy is the chicks in the bubble. I haven't put the batteries in it yet, I'm going to hold out as long as possible before he realizes it makes noise.

I'm sure there are more essentials that I am missing, but that is all I can see from where I type on the couch =)

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