Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Pinterest experiment

If you haven't joined pinterest yet- you are missing out! It took me awhile before I "got it" and really understood why so many people are addicted to that website. In case you don't know . . . its chalk full of cute ideas, recipes, crafts, decorating ideas etc. Basically anything anyone thought was cool in on there. Go check it out! I'll wait . . . . .

See what I mean??

I made ribs in the crock pot using a recipe I found on pinterest . .  they were yummy. I let them cook a little too long I think. Next time I will try with less time (or maybe on low?) and see if I get different results.

I found a really easy looking recipe for a breakfast bread (looking for the recipe? Click here!) using a bunch of stuff I already had in my kitchen. So I decided to give it a try . . . I got to use my fluted pan (that still had the original packaging on it!) that was a wedding present. You know, for the wedding we had over three years ago . . . . Basically you take Grands rolls, maple syrup, brown sugar, butter, and cinnamon and bake it til its all melted and delicious.

Here's the pictures from the website (just in case you are too lazy to check it out yourself)
Pinned Image

I was fully expecting mine to look nothing like the photos above. To my complete surprise- it came out looking so YUMMY!!!

Now let's just hope there is some left for Manuel to try when he gets home!

I used Grands biscuits. I think next time I will cut the biscuits into four pieces before baking because as it, they make for a pretty big serving. If they were small bit size pieces I could just graze on them all day long . . . .

Where was Tyler during all the yummy food experimentation? Sleeping in his CRIB! His his room!!! If you know us, you know how big of a deal that is! Thank you homedics sound machine!! All I heard on the baby monitor was the calming sounds of the ocean. It's very peaceful actually.

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